THE TAKE-DOWN OF TRUMP ALA THE “COLOR REVOLUTION”: NORM EISEN’S REVOLUTIONARY PLAYBOOK – A Deeply Embedded (Demster) Lawfare Operative; Regime Change Professionals & More. What’s Going On? – By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

According to the highly-informed Darren Beattie [on Tucker]: “There are ominous similarities between “color revolution” tactics, efforts to oust Trump.”


While there is no doubt as to the truth-telling re the above nexus, the fact of the matter is that the little known operational history of the “color revolution” — coupled with Democrat operative a.k.a. legal hatchet-man Norm Eisen in general, vis-à-vis the overthrow of President Trump in specific — leaves most Americans in the dark, that is, to the utter detriment of those who do not seek to live under the boot of avowed Marxists, socialists and communists, or a combination thereof!

Dear reader, in this regard, let this investigative journalist point all interested parties, patriots, if you will, in the right (no pun intended!) direction. As such, the following should be deemed an all-inclusive instructional and educational tutorial —which is renamed herein as Lesson Plan 101: “Norm…

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