People’s deputy of ukraine reveals burisma bribed joe and hunter biden……..

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Remember when Joe Biden said he didn’t talk to his son about his “business” in the Ukraine? Well……….Joe didn’t need to talk to Hunter. Joe helped set Hunter up for the bribes both received. It has been revealed it was a large sum of cash and the bribes are not in dispute, only the actual amounts remain in question. Ukrainian People’s Deputy believes Joe received in the neighborhood of $900,000.00, while Hunter received a salary of $83,000 per month……….plus a lump sum………amount unknown. The only things in dispute here are the actual amounts. No one is disputing that they were in fact bribed. THIS IS TREASONOUS. JFK, Jr. accused Joe Biden as being a traitor once. I am accusing him and Hunter both as being traitors.

Here is an excerpt from the article by Natural News.

(Natural News) “A developing story about the case of Ukrainian gas holding…

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