A Pitcher Of Biden-Aid: WashPost Makes Its Hunter Biden Story All About Rudy Giuliani

PA Pundits - International

By Tim Graham ~

On Today, NBC reporter Hallie Jackson dismissed the New York Post stories on Hunter Biden in part by declaring “The Washington Post is reporting that some intelligence experts think this has the hallmark of, like a disinformation campaign, meant to interfere with the election.”

On page A-4 of Thursday’s Washington Post came their Biden-Aid story, headlined

Trump allies publicize e-mails purportedly from Hunter Biden’s computer

New York Post story says materials were provided by Giuliani and Biden

Reporters Matt Viser, Paul Sonne, and Annie Linskey didn’t exactly write a Hunter Biden story. There are 14 references to Rudy Giuliani, and only five uses of “Hunter Biden.” Most of those came at the sugary end:

Efforts to tarnish Hunter Biden and by extension his father have been a focus of Trump’s campaign over the past year and a half. The president and his allies have derided…

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