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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

Monument in Enfield, Connecticut commemorating the location where Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God was preached (from here (en.wikipedia.org))

How Do We Revive Our Culture?

In Part 1,here, we considered whether freedom of religion is the crucial issue in the 2020 election. In Part 2, here, we considered alternative opinions. Here we will look at what Christians can do to revive our culture.

To revive our culture we must revive certain beliefs. If we want a Christian revival, then we must revive Christian beliefs. What does that look like? When we Americans speak of a Christian revival, we often use the term “awakening” instead of “revival”.

Why is it Americans need to have their faith revived in Jesus Christ? Successive generations Americans have not taught their children the Bible. So, most Americans know very little about the Bible. Hence, relatively few people, even those…

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