View The Video. Read The Text. ET 27. Rev 14:14-20. The Reapers.


I. Introduction. The opening video clip is from the series “35 most asked questions concerning Bible Prophecy”. This clip answers the question: “What happens during the seven year tribulation period, or the seventieth week of Daniel 9?” What happens when Jesus breaks the seven seals of the sealed scroll? It is important to understand that each of the judgments of the tribulation are caused by God, either through Christ or angels. See Rev 6:1 for seal judgments, Rev 8:1-2 for trumpet judgments, and Rev 16:1-2 for bowl judgments. A description of the 70 weeks of Daniel can be found in Daniel 9:20-30 (538 B.C.). Notice that the 70 weeks of Daniel relates to Israel (vs 20,24). Notice in Jeremiah 30:7 that the Tribulation relates to Israel. The King of the Jews is Jesus (Matthew 25:34; Rev 19:16). “The head of the Church” is Jesus (Col 1:8). In Rev 19:11-21, Christ…

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