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James TissotWoe unto You, Scribes and PhariseesBrooklyn Museum (from here (

I enjoy listening to Renewing Your Mind ( So, last Sunday I listened to R.C. Sproul ( explain the meaning of Mark 7:1-23, in The Idolatry of Legalism.

In his exposition of Mark 7:1-23, Sproul tells us that the Pharisees had fallen into the trap of legalism (, which is a form of idolatry. Because of their idolatry, the Pharisees earned biting criticism from Jesus.

What had the Pharisees done? They had put the traditions of men ahead God’s Law, the Bible. Instead of allowing the Law to be a blessing, they had substituted their traditions and burdened the Jewish people with numerous, useless regulations.

Why had the Pharisees done such a thing? Pride. The Pharisees followed their traditions to display their holiness, to show themselves as better than what God’s Law…

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