Ah, la belle France

Allah's Willing Executioners

We all know that truth has died and hate speech has triumphed in the West—and both in the name of free speech; that writers, the media, publishers, the academy, governments, “progressives,” and most international bodies will not write, teach, or publish anything that accurately portrays Islamic gender and religious apartheid, the existence of black slaves today, the ongoing and literal crucifixion of Christians, and the honor killing of women in Muslim lands.If you do focus on such subjects, you may get sued, fined, exiled, publicly shamed, shunned, or forced to live in hiding with police protection (if you’re lucky); otherwise, it’s at your own expense.However, you may also be beheaded.French schoolteacher, Samuel Paty, has just been beheaded by a Muslim refugee from Chechnya, in a suburb of Paris. His crime? With delicacy and sensitivity, he presumably told any Muslim students who may be there to avert their eyes or even…

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