Germany: The Muslim mayor of Hanover throws local homeless people out of their emergency shelters in order to take in further “additional” refugees from Greek camps

Allah's Willing Executioners

Green Party mayor of Hanover, Belit Onay, shows his true colours after only a short term in office and gets clear opposition – even in his close circle. His treatment of the homeless, the weakest members of society, can only be described as cynical.The criticism was triggered by an explosive remark he made in a conference attended by several mayors and Ms Merkel: “We have room”. In doing so, Onay had offensively expressed his willingness to accept further “additional” refugees from Greek camps in Hanover, who, by the way, arrived promptly by plane yesterday.This alone would not be reason for criticism by the Social Democrats, the Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Liberal Democrats if their representatives did not recognise a blatant contradiction towards 17 homeless people. Only last week, the city authorities had evicted them from the ” Naturfreundehaus” at his instigation, even though they had been looked after by…

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