EMERGENCY NOTICE: ‘Masters of the Universe’ CENSOR MIL-OPS; A US Defense Department Approved Site – Approx. 10,000 Military Officers SILENCED! By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

Tucker calls out big tech for censoring coronavirus dissent

[PUBLISHED At AmericasCivilWarRising.org]

WHEREAS certain postings require this and that backgrounder and related explanatory material and supportive evidence, the fact is that volumes of the aforementioned already exist; that which document the multitude of measures deployed by social media/big tech overlords to stifle any, and all, opposing voices to their far-left, DemocRAT Mafia-aligned marching orders.

TO WIT, consider the following email thread (received today) as an EMERGENCY NOTICE , gifted from one patriot to countless others. Incontestably, it is meant to serve as a full-on clarion call, that is, when even military officers (on their DoD approved internal channel) are silenced! Censored.

INEXORABLY, it is a mega warning on the eve of the most consequential election in U.S. history. But please bear these observations uppermost in mind: the very fact that the self-appointed ‘Masters of the Universe‘ are still at it – even after the…

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