Austria: Raid on Islam centre in Graz suspected of terrorism – Green Party logo discovered on the sponsor board of the Islamic association – Green Minister of Justice had contact with this Islamic association

Allah's Willing Executioners

Grüne als Sponsor von islamistischen Zentrum, in dem Razzia stattfand?
Picture: partly pixelated by Info-DIREKT for legal reasons. Symbolic picture of a policeman and picture composition by Info-DIREKT

Yesterday, Monday morning, 60 house searches against suspected Islamists and their networks in Austria took place. Among them was an Islamic cultural centre in Graz. Explosive: The Internet portal Info-DIREKT possesses photos which suggest that the Green Party may have sponsored this Islamic institute.The raids were conducted today on 70 defendants on suspicion of, inter alia, terrorist financing, money laundering and terrorist organisation. The Public Prosecutor’s Office points out that the raids have no connection with the terrorist attack in Vienna.The suspicion that the Green party might have sponsored the controversial Islamic centre in Graz is based on a sponsorship plaque that is or was publicly hung on a house wall in Graz. On it, besides the “cultural centre”, numerous logos of presumed sponsors and supporters of the organisation can be spotted…

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