A RESOURCE: Latest Developments in “Sex Education” and Parent Resources

H/T Citizen Tom

Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

Do you want to protect your children? Do you trust our increasingly “secularized culture” or do you trust in the teachings of Bible and in our nation’s Christian traditions? When our educational institutions and the mass media have become so biased, where do we go? Where do we go to hear Biblically-based discussions? Where do we learn how to apply time-tested wisdom?

Got the following in an email from The Family Foundation (familyfoundation.org).

Victoria Cobb, President
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Last week voters not only cast their ballots for political offices, but in some states they also voted on important ballot measures of public policy.  Washington became the very first state where the voters themselves made a decision on sex education, approving Referendum 90 to uphold the state’s radical and highly controversial mandatory public school sex-education curriculum – a curriculum that teaches kindergartners confusing messages about gender, promotes “LGBTQ+” ideologies, and teaches…

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