The media is already trying to blame Trump for Biden killing people

Cry and Howl

I read this article and I came away with the fact that if Joe Biden actually winds up in the White House, he knows his policies are going to kill a lot of people. So Mr. Biden is covering his a$$ in that claiming, because President Trump isn’t conceding the election to him at this time, some how it will result in the deaths of many people. Conceding the election has nothing to do with distributing this new vaccine. But Biden has to set up the blame for any deaths on Trump. Biden hasn’t been certified the winner by any state as of right now. He is still nothing but a private citizen and the President would be irresponsible to “share” any information with him.

This is the typical game of the left. They make suggestions in advance, such as, “Mr. President, will you submit to a peaceful transfer of…

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