A rude awakening coming to Europe

Allah's Willing Executioners

By Peter Skurkiss

TheEuropean ruling classis salivating over the prospects of a Harris/ Biden presidency.The bureaucrats who run the European Union and the globalists behind them are cocksure that with Donald Trump gone, things will return to the comfortable pre-Trump days. Daddy Yankee will againuncomplaininglythrow a protective blanket of security over Europe and in his benevolence turn a blind eye to the unfair trade arrangements that benefit Europe so.

There are two problems with this view. First,it’s far from certain that Joe Biden will be sworn in as president in January. As more and more evidence mounts of Democrat election fraud and votestealing, that prospect dims. The mere possibility that Donald Trump will continue on as president is not even considered in Europe. The ‘ever-so-smart’Europeanelite believe all they’ve been told bytheir fellow American globalistsand fromtheir consumption of theNew YorkTimes,WashingtonPost and CNN. Accordingly,they areclueless.

Secondly, even…

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