Translator working for refugees in Germany warns: “The refugees hate us, they are plotting to Islamise us”

Allah's Willing Executioners

A female translator who worked for months in German refugee centres revealed to the media that what she witnessed among Muslim “refugees” was “pure hatred of Christians” and that they see their mission in the Islamisation of Europe.

This statement is interesting because we generally only know about the “refugees” what they want us to know, but not how they really think.The Arab translator has worked in a number of asylum centres across the country and discovered that Muslim migrants feel “pure hatred” towards non-Muslims and women and that they plan to have more children, using European welfare systems with the aim of “destroying Christians”.

The translator explained that such hostility was even felt in kindergartens where Muslim children refuse to play with non-Muslim children.

The 39-year-old woman worked in several refugee centres all over Germany and also reports similar experiences made by her translator colleagues.

In a statement published…

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