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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

Here we have newborn baby on scale (from here). Due to abortion, many babies, however, are aborted. Can you picture our Lord putting the United States on the scales of His justice?

Abortionists haven’t taken a rest or stopped their onslaught against helpless babies in the womb! Last week The Massachusetts House legislators passed a radical pro-abortion measure (www.lifenews.com/2020/11/13/massachusetts-house-passes-democrat-amendment-legalizing-abortions-up-to-birth) that expanded late-term abortions and permits young girls to have abortions without parental knowledge or approval. Is that sort of choice what you want for you daughters? What about your parental rights?

That’s what DC Council member Trayon White Sr. asked when the Council voted recently to allow children as young as 11 to have vaccinations without their parents’ consent (www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/dc-vaccine-minors/2020/10/20/7378801e-12e4-11eb-ba42-ec6a580836ed_story.html/). A doctor can determine if a minor is capable of making an informed consent. When decided, that child can opt to have a vaccine opposed…

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