Will YOU Submit to the Election Coup?

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

John R. Houk

© November 20, 2020


I DO NOT watch, listen OR read anything to do with the Mainstream Media (MSM). THAT INCLUDES (sadly) once Conservative bastion Fox News. Friends, those news outlets are either outright lying to their listeners or REFUSING to look at incalculable election/voter discrepancies (FOX). Be VERY careful where you get your info. When or if Courts refuse to look at evidence due to MASSIVE interference by the Media and the Dem-Marxists, as I have written before … the U.S. Constitution becomes a worthless piece of paper. IF YOU want to live in an America inspired by its Founding Fathers, YOU might wish read (hopefully re-read) America’s Declaration of Independence penned by Thomas Jefferson and signed by Americans FULLY  AWARE their signature placed a British target on their heads:


George Read | Caesar Rodney | Thomas McKean |


George Clymer

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