Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

Here we have newborn baby on scale (from here). Due to abortion, many babies, however, are aborted. Can you picture our Lord putting the United States on the scales of His justice?

In 2019 Illinois Governor Pritzker signed into law SB 25, which is the Illinois Reproductive Health Act (RHA) ( Its significance will be obvious as we condense the primary features so you know what could be coming down the pike in 2021 in Virginia:

  1. Reproductive Health decisions including abortion are a fundamental right.
  2. A fertilized egg or embryo does not have any independent rights.
  3. Abortion is allowed throughout all nine months of pregnancy for any reason.
  4. Abortion clinics do not need to be in an ambulatory surgical center, so do not require licensing and health and safety inspections of the clinics.
  5. Non-physicians such as advanced licensed registered nurses may perform medical and chemical abortions.
  6. Private health insurance…

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