All Americans Should Celebrate Thanksgiving Despite Covid

All Americans Should Celebrate Thanksgiving Despite Covid

celebrate thanksgiving despite covid

Why You Should Celebrate Thanksgiving Despite Covid

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. All over the nation, Americans are getting ready to thank God (hopefully) for the many blessings they have been giving. Despite being wracked by a pandemic and political divisiveness, not to mention the utter ridiculousness and blatant fraud of this election, we still live in the most prosperous nation on Earth. That’s worth celebrating and is why I think Americans of every background and stripe should celebrate Thanksgiving despite Covid.

Of course, not everyone feels the same way. Many of your governors, who view you as a peon and your rights as obstacles to their power rather than gifts to you from God, want to do away with Thanksgiving this year. Far from encouraging you to risk that ~99.7% survival rate and celebrate Thanksgiving despite Covid, they’re demanding that you instead continue to quarantine and remain at home. They don’t want you to be thankful and celebrate the many, many blessings you have as an American; they want you to be fearful and even more reliant on the government. Here are some of the ridiculous Thanksgiving regulations coming out of America’s worst states.

California’s Ridiculous Covid Thanksgiving Rules:
  • Do not gather indoors with other households
  • People at higher risk…are strongly urged not to attend
  • Only invite a maximum of two other households
  • Incoming travelers from out of state should self-quarantine for 14 days
  • Wear a mask
  • California also has a month-long stay at home order that began on November 21st.

All of those come from here, California’s official Covid website. Just to emphasize the point, California doesn’t want you to have a Thanksgiving celebration. You can’t gather with your extended family. If you have family from outside the state, they’re supposed to quarantine for two weeks…so they’re supposed to take their two weeks of vacation just to go to Thanksgiving dinner. And Newsom doesn’t want your grandparents to come to Thanksgiving dinner. That’s all ridiculous, not in the least because he just broke California’s Covid rules to have dinner with his lobbyist friends. Don’t listen to Gavin Newsom, celebrate Thanksgiving despite Covid.

New York’s Ridiculous Covid Thanksgiving Rules
  • Bill de Blasio urged New Yorkers not to travel and to not have visitors over from out of state.
  • New Yorkers are supposed to wear masks, even if outside or with their families
  • Indoor gatherings are limited to ten people.

Michigan, New Jersey, Connecticut, and other states all have similar policies to New York. But the politicians do whatever they want. Don’t listen to them, celebrate Thanksgiving despite Covid. They don’t want you to travel, see your family, or celebrate Thanksgiving. But that’s not because they’re concerned about you; they couldn’t care less about your life. They just want to hold on to power and don’t think they’ll be able to do so if they don’t take a “strong” stance on Covid. Don’t let them get away with that; celebrate Thanksgiving despite Covid. GenZ Conservative read more

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