‘Italians, we will cut your throats’

Allah's Willing Executioners

North African immigrants in a reception center in Sardinia sing, dance, make music videos, and threaten to cut the throats of Italians.

And leftists will most likely find ways to defend them by invoking “cultural difference” or perhaps, linguistic specificity of street hip hop, the Milan dailyLibero Quotidianoreported.

Thevideoof these immigrants awaiting recognition of their status, has been making the rounds on the internet, posted also onRadio Savanaon Twitter.

The radio station riled against the “illegal Africans” who evade, rob, harass, fight, get drunk, attack police, and the list continues. Strong words, which, however, express the sense of anger and frustration felt by many Italians. In a word, injustice.

The worrying security situation in Italy has prompted League leader Matteo Salvini to remark on Twitter: “Doing good is the evil of this country.”


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