Renewables And Nuclear: False Hopes And Unfounded Fears

PA Pundits - International

By Vijay Raj Jayaraj~

The world is becoming an increasingly hostile place for power plants that use traditional fossil fuels to generate power. Even Joe Biden, who is expected to become President of the U.S. soon, has made it a priority to abolish traditional fossil fuel-based power.

But among the available alternative energy sources, the focus has mainly been on renewables and rarely does the media address the importance of Nuclear energy. Here we will analyze which of these two holds the potential to deliver us the power we need and the surprising facts that the media refuses to inform the people about.

Wind and Solar are the most commonly highlighted renewable sources. The other renewable sources (like biomass and geothermal) are not practically viable options for large scale power generations globally and hence hardly of interest to any large country that is serious about their energy independence. But…

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