The Left Steals Elections and Countries One Vote at a Time

Allah's Willing Executioners

Let’s pull back a bit and talk about how the Left does things.

The American Left of the last two generations is highly technocratic. It’s the product of a managerial class, in government and business, injected into the non-profit sector, fused in the last generation with the tech sector and its start-up culture.

It’s evil and its members have a tendency toward hysteria and a blithe ignorance of consequences, but it’s not dumb.

Some of the richest men in America, including Warren Buffett, George Soros,and Bill Gates, can be called many things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

All of this means that the current Left executes strategies in a more focused and strategic manner than past generations. We’re well past the stage where it merely inflitrates. It’s been on the ground floor for a while now. It develops strategies in committees across different organizations, uses a start-up culture to…

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