Blowing the Whistle on Election Fraud

Allah's Willing Executioners

By Osita Ebiem

“I drove thousands of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania.”

When I heard the above statement this week from Jesse Morgan as he testified before President Trump’s legal team investigating the widespread frauds in the 2020 general elections, it was an “a-hah! moment” for me.

I live in Queens County in New York City, about 10 minutes outside Jamaica. My zip code actually falls within Jamaica town. My apartment complex is a post-World War II red brick six-story building. It was completed in 1946 and has been occupied continuously ever since. But because it’s been well-maintained, it still retains its pristine condition.

Jesse Morgan is a truck driver who testified under oath that he witnessedsuspected electoral fraudulent activity in October that occurred in his line of duty. The summary of his testimony is that he transported hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. Morgan…

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