NOT TURNING IT OVER OR FLIPPING IT……..JUST WANT TO GET IT RIGHT!!!!!! arlin report thought(s) of the day

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Both those from the Left and Right complaining, whining that Trump is trying to overturn the election. That isn’t true. It is about GETTING IT RIGHT! The MainStream Media, CNN, MSNBC, yes even FOX, CBS, ABC AND NBC all just want us to move on without any further questions, debates or challenges (to include legal lawsuits). Gee what are they afraid of? The truth! WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO QUESTION THE OUTCOME OF AN ELECTION WHEN THERE IS SOOOOOOOO MUCH EVIDENCE OF CHEATING. How many videos, how many affidavits does it take……… takes however many it takes. By the way the definition of an affidavit is:

An AFFIDAVIT: a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for USE AS EVIDENCE IN COURT. Key word EVIDENCE!

I am not going to paste all the videos and copies of affidavits here, I don’t have the time……….I’d be here until Christmas 2021 before…

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