SCOTUS John Roberts wife, Jane Sullivan Roberts consults for many of the Leading “Pilgrims Society Companies” throughout the world in Satellite Technology, Law and Big Pharma. And just what is the Pilgrims Society? In short, it is the collective of the Great Merchants of the Earth, World Bankers and Royal Crowns who aspire to have one global world that they rule.

jane john roberts

John Roberts was confirmed by the Senate to the Supreme Court on September 29, 2005 during the George W. Bush Administration. He is a conservative but now with recent information the question is being raised of where his loyalties lie… to the United States of America or Global One World Order?

The truth is Robert’s wife’s conflicts of interest disqualify Roberts from most cases he’s ever been involved in. He has never recused himself.

Recently, Lin Wood has shouted out on social media that Roberts has to come clean…

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