WOW: SCOTUS Intentionally Stalling Sidney Powell Emergency Petitions – ROBERTS, THE (BENT) FOX IN THE HEN-HOUSE! [VIDEO] By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki


AS previously reported at this site, when it comes to Chief Justice Roberts, well, all is not as it seems.

NOT only is he a faux conservative, but he is corrupt and bent. This is a serious charge to make, but it is no less true. Indeed, it can’t be smoked away via the go-to appellation and mud-slinging of  “conspiracy theory!”

AS such, anyone who still believes that SCOTUS will come to the rescue to secure the nation from falling into China-Biden’s hands, in a nutshell, should best be described as living in a fantasy-land.

EVEN so, it is not lost at this end that said legal path had to be pursued. But now that that’s been exhausted and proven to be fruitless, it’s (past) time to call on the military to step in, whatever it takes  — emphasis placed!

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