Michael Flynn Claims ‘Foreign Partners and Allies’ Were Watching Election, Will Work With Trump + “I Am Not Impressed. Ms. Powell Retracts Nothing” – Lin Wood Responds to Dominion Voting Machines Threats to Sidney Powell [VIDEO] By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki


IT is not for nothing that the few and far between brave-hearts fighting to save America from domestic and foreign threat actors are being thwarted at every turn. Majorly. No holds barred.

DESPITE it all, the glaring question remains: If there is nothing to hide, why are deep-state operatives — across the spectrum and within both parties — desperate to prevent the chips from falling where they may, forensically speaking and then some?

BUT never mind. Know this: Those in the forefront of saving the nation will not be deterred. Indeed, they absolutely understand the immeasurable stakes facing President Trump, the nation at-large, and freedom-loving peoples world over  — in a way in which only those grounded in history (American and world) can recognize.  It is a Lincoln-esque + Churchill-ian moment in time— and that’s for starters!! It is do or die. There is NO in…

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