“A creeping Islamisation of Germany”: Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution warns against Islamists in sheep’s clothing

Allah's Willing Executioners

A creeping Islamisation of Germany is always vehemently denied; after all, Islam with its numerous mosques and the call of the muezzin supposedly belongs to Germany, so those politicians in charge consistently devote their attention to the alleged greatest danger to the country – right-wing extremism, which could threaten the internal security of the diverse republic.

Although any criticism of the religion of peace is forbidden or even punished, security authorities are busy recording and monitoring Islamists, whose number is increasing significantly. Now, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Cologne warns of “legalistic Islamists” who act inconspicuously, pretend to be law-abiding in order to secretly want to establish a theocracy according to the rules of Sharia.Responsible for this development are the established parties, churches, etc., who made the breeding ground for the spread of radical Islam possible in the first place, who for reasons of cowardice…

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