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The Reverend Doctor

Raphael Warnock
(from here (en.wikipedia.org))

Consider following excerpts from news stories in Conservative publications.

In one of two runoff Senate elections in Georgia, disturbing allegations against Democrat Raphael Warnock continue to develop. As Fox News reported last week, during his time as a senior pastor at a church-run camp in West Baltimore, Warnock and a colleague were arrested on claims of interference with an investigation into child sexual abuse in 2002.

The police report cites “uncooperative and disruptive” behavior from the pair. According to the law enforcement unit arresting Warnock and his colleague, the officers had “never encountered” resistance like Warnock’s at all. 

Police Report Details ‘Uncooperative and Disruptive’ Behavior From Raphael Warnock During Abuse Investigation (townhall.com)

Warnock and Wainwright interrupted a police interview of a camp counselor in 2002. After investigators moved the interview to a picnic area, the reverends interfered against and tried to…

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