As in Vienna, the mob in Berlin, yelling Allahu Akbar, marched through the streets of course not wearing Corona face masks, while the Germans had to stay in their houses and were not even allowed to set off New Year’s Eve firecrackers

Allah's Willing Executioners

In 2020, fundamental rights and freedoms were taken away, after all, it all served the higher purpose of saving human lives. At least that was the narrative of those in power. In the meantime, countless false assumptions and claims about Covid-19 and SARS-CoV-2 have been scientifically refuted. More and more people are also refraining from the vaccination that was presented as the ultimate rescue: the risks are too high, the benefits too unclear.The divide between those who govern and those who are governed was probably what German government television wanted to illustrate last night.The broadcaster ZDF really made a big splash in front of the Brandenburg Gate at the annual New Year’s Eve countdown. Of course, there was no obligation for those attending to wear a mask – just as there was no audience, because the undeserving German citizen had to stay at home and refrain from celebrating. To ensure…

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