WATCH: War of migrants against Berlin police on New Year’s Eve – supermarket set on fire – Tonnes of fireworks stored there that were not permitted to be sold because of Corona explode

Allah's Willing Executioners

The blaze of a supermarket in the Berlin district of Buckow triggered a large-scale operation by the Berlin fire brigade on New Year’s Eve. The building, which covers about 800 square metres, went up in flames and collapsed, a fire brigade spokesman said early this morning. Apparently fireworks stored in the back of the market exploded during the extinguishing work and flew through the area, so that the 110 firemen had to take care of their self-protection.According to the spokesperson, the fire brigade was initially alerted to burning rubbish containers in the loading zone. When the fire brigade arrived at the supermarket, the flames had already spread to the roof. The interior quickly caught fire as well. The firefighters were only able to extinguish the fire from the outside.

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