I LOVE This Scripture From The “New Testament”

The Mad Jewess

God took me on a trip to Heaven one night: God Took Me To Heaven, Here Is My Experience

On my trip to Heaven, one thing that stood out: There was NO pain. NONE. No body pain, no mental anguish. Pain was gone and I was free from it. So, this scripture I found in the book of Revelation, I love because it is the truth. In fact, there are corridors or rooms in Heaven where you ‘let go’ of every single pain you ever encountered. As you release the pain, you soar higher!And, the pain is never to be remembered again!

At any rate, here is the scripture and something for all of us:

The New Testament or the testimonials of Jesus life and letters from the apostles to the church gives hope to mankind , much like the Torah/Tanakh.

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