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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

Glass of cloudy lemonade, typical in the US (from Lemonade – Wikipedia).

As an affiliate of The Family Foundation (TFF), we are enthusiastic supporters. When we saw this post, The Good Things 2020 Caused (familyfoundation.org), we wanted folks to understand that the TFF helped to make some good things happen. Therefore, we modified their blog post a little bit.

When we’re handed a bunch of sour fruit, we have two choices: give up or else transform it. Choice two is exactly what The Family Foundation (TFF) has done during 2020 to counteract legislation that came from Richmond early in the year. Here’s a synopsis of what TFF has done to make lemonade:

  1. Because the new Democrat majority repealed loads of pro-family and pro-life laws and enacted radical laws that infringe on personal liberties, TFF launched its new Founding Freedoms Law Center in Richmond. It will serve to challenge…

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