NYS Bill A416: Democrats Propose Nazi-Inspired Bill To Round Up, Institutionalize “Public Health Risks”

NYS Bill A416: Democrats Propose Nazi-Inspired Bill To Round Up, Institutionalize “Public Health Risks” gellerreport.com/2021/01/nys-bi
NYS Bill A416: Democrats Propose Nazi-Inspired Bill To Round-Up, Institutionalize “Public Health…
COVID detention camps. Who decides who is a public heath threat?


A New York state lawmaker has introduced a bill that would allow the government to detain people deemed a potential public health risk, amid concerns that the Covid-19 crisis is being allegedly used to usher in authoritarianism.

Authored by a Democratic member of the New York State Assembly N. Nick Perry, Bill A416 calls for the “removal and/or detention” of individuals who are potentially dangerous to the public health.”

Who decides who is a public heath threat? If Cuomo and his communist party think my writing is a “dangerous to the public health,” will they send my colleagues and me to camps?

Lockdowns were, without question, the worst, most destructive public policy in modern history.

Far, far worse diseases, such as the Black Plague, the Spanish Flu, the Hong Kong Flu, H1N1, were never weaponized in such a way — not since the Nazis.

But in 2020, Democrats did just that and got away with it. So this is just the next step. Note the inclusion of the word “groups” — deeply troubling. Considering Cuomo and de Blasio’s history of antisemitic actions/policies especially in regards to COVID, this is terrifying. Will this law be used to round up Jews and political groups that the left considers undesirable?

Catholic League Decries Andrew Cuomo’s Antisemitic ‘Tyrannical Edict’ Targeting Jews

‘What does this grim picture remind you of?’ Pres. Trump asks of crackdown on Jewish gatherings

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PROOF: Desperate Cover-Ups Prove Criminal Conspiracy to Overthrow Election

PROOF: Desperate Cover-Ups Prove Criminal Conspiracy to Overthrow Election gellerreport.com/2021/01/proof-
PROOF: Desperate Cover-Ups Prove Criminal Conspiracy to Overthrow Election – Geller Report News
And Trump is taking aim.


PROOF: Desperate Cover-Ups Prove Criminal Conspiracy to Overthrow Election



It’s a choice between ankle boots and Biden, or so it appears to be the choice that keeps RINOs pushing for President Trump to concede his own landslide election! The same election that patriots across the nation voted in only to watch it stop in the middle of the process and get stolen by voter fraud and Dominion tampering in both foreign nations and at home in the USA! It is now common knowledge that every form of voter and election fraud possible was in play on the night of the 2020 election.

The swamp is deep and wide and only a fool would have believed that it was just Democrats that had their seats pushed, controlled, and handed to them by Dominion tactics. Bilderberg Group meetings invite unknowns, and both Democratic and Republican candidates to their meetings and they don’t stop there. The same ones in the shadows push…

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Here comes NEVER TRUMPER HOLDOVER – Jenna Ellis attacking – first Sidney Powell and now Lin Woods! What was Giuliani thinking when he brought her on board to fight against election fraud? Maybe she gets the coffee? Who knows? Did he even know she was a NEVER TRUMPER? So when did Jenna have her come to Trump moment? It isn’t looking like she has.



Never Trumper Jenna first put out a very sloppy tweet that alluded the press to believe that Sidney Powell was once part of the White House Legal Team and then was fired by remarks she said. The same remarks that were less riviting as the remarks the nation had heard from Giuliani as he made his many rounds on News programs. The same remarks that are lawfully legal to state. And we all know that to this very day, the media is still having fun tarnishing…

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Steven Terner Mnuchin is not only the United States Secretary Treasurer, he is a producer and actor, known forMad Max: Fury Road(2015),Edge of Tomorrow(2014) andWonder Woman(2017). See full list of films: Steven Mnuchin – IMDb

So who knew? Many did and most did not. But being an Executive Producer means you have to know numbers, account for every penny and estimate total costs of projects and make sure the financial costs are budgeted correctly above the line and below the line and make certain all surprises are budgeted in accurate and allowed for. So, his financial background proves he was well suited for the job.

Edge Of Tomorrow (DVD) - Movies & TV Online | Raru

The Trump Presidency has certainly been an “Edge of Tomorrow”, coupled with “Mad Max Fury Road” and a lot of “Find Your Flock”. “Wonder Woman” of the year has to be FLOTUS, for how she survived with grace, and…

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We know who Sidney Powell is, we know who Lin Wood is, we know who Donald Trump is, we know who Rudy Giuliani is, but who is Jenna Ellis?

It now appears evident that Jenna has a stern past of being a NEVER TRUMPER and now it appears she has no more respect for Powell and Woods as she had for Trump and his supporters in 2016. And never forget she said Trump was an “unethical, corrupt, lying, criminal, dirtbag” among other terrible things. Yes she did.


So listen up Deplorables and Unredeemable Trump supporters, you are now also narcissists, illogical people with stupid arguments that DON’T CARE ABOUT FACTS OR LOGIC. That is what Jenna thinks of you…or so she tweeted that she did in 2016.

So who is this person who said this about you?

Jenna Ellis was homeschooled by her parents, said her father Dave Ellis.In…

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Mandatory vaccinations? New Yorkers pay attention…Your rights could be stripped! Cuomo is a fraud!

My body my choice. If it’s applicable for abortion it’s applicable for vaccinations.

New Yorkers pay attention…Your rights could be stripped! Cuomo is a fraud! #TrumpWon

The Pendulum Swingeth

The Lone Cactus

We Americans are a fickle lot. We want to have government hand us pretty much everything. That is until we see that there is a price to pay for it in higher taxes and yes, a loss of personal freedoms. Then we swing to the other side. We want a smaller government, and lower taxes, and more freedoms. And we get it for a while. Then we realize that we’re not getting enough from our government. It’s a back and forth that has taken place consistently in this country from the founding.

And it looks like the swinging pendulum is getting ready to swing again.

See, back in 2008, it swung from an eight year, rather right of center George W. Bush presidency to a very left leaning Bobo Obama presidency that also went eight years. Now, we could debate until the cows come home why it happened…there are several…

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No Simple Battle – The Dawning of the Day

The NeoConservative Christian Right

My fellow Patriotic Americans, you are witnesses to a treasonous election coup by Dem-Marxists, RINOs and even way too many Sheeple Republicans. January currently holds the greatest hope to preserve the Republic if Vice President bucks the convention consensus if he joins RINO-dom to betray America. Justin Smith points out there are Trump options beyond January 6, but that will take courage on the President’s part and courage by his narrowing government supporters AND his immense Patriot Supporters.

JRH 1/2/21

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No Simple Battle –…

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