The More Things Change…

The Lone Cactus

In a very rare move on Sunday evening, Nancy Pelosi was re-elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives. It was the California Democrat’s closest race yet winning by a total of seven votes over California Republican, Kevin McCarthy. Here was the tweet of the announcement:

Of the five that voted against Pelosi, all were Democrats. Jared Golden (D-Me) voted for Illinois Representative, Tammy Duckworth, and Conor Lamb (D-Pa) voted for New York Representative, Hakeem Jefferies. In addition to that, three Democrats voted “Present”, Elissa Slotkin of Michigan, Abigail Spanberger of Virginia, and Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey. That meant that “the whackjob five” all voted for Pelosi, even though they ardently campaigned against her.

So, what does all of this mean? Not much really. It means that the Republicans’ major target for the 2022 elections will still be in place barring any nasty thing happening to her, or, God…

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Senate Flips?

The Lone Cactus

As I write this early Wednesday morning, it looks like the Senate will flip to Democrat control with the aid of the Vice President’s tie-breaking vote. In the Georgia runoffs, Kelly Loeffler trails Raphael Warnock by about 52,000 votes with 2% of the vote remaining. There have been projections calling the race for Warnock. That means that at least one seat flips in the Senate.

The other race, between Jon Ossoff and David Perdue is still too tight to call this morning. Ossoff leads Perdue by about 16,000 votes with again, about 2% of the vote left to be counted. If Ossoff were to hold on, it would mean the Senate is going to be a 50-50 tie for the next two years. Ossoff has already declared victory, which is kind of like declaring your team the winner of the NBA Championship with two minutes to go in the fourth…

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Seven degrees of separation


Remember that one never knows where inspiration is going to come from? Well, I’ve just had my socks blown off by a recent article in the UK magazine The Critic. You can visit The Critic online and also – keep an eye out for the writer Michael Collins; he’s an author and an excellent writer that contributes to The Critic.

So, my beloved friend Alys, who lives in Wells, England, is so very dear and kind, she sent me this wonderful ceramic creamer in the shape of a resting cow. The manufacturer is Burleigh, a company over a hundred years old still doing what they did a hundred or more years ago. Burleigh has a very good name in England so my gift is extra special. Because I’m an Anglophile and because Alys knows I have a taste for English-made things (note to women who read this – check…

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Stop the Steal


Two remarkable things happened on January 4th, 2021. Several hours apart, they both deeply affected me. During the day, I saw this video from John Voight

Moved very near to tears; this is my America. All across the country, people we don’t know are feeling the exact same way – this is my America; we take it very personally, we own it. There are people – at best, misguided; at worst, evil – there are people who have no such connection with the land and the history of this country, people who would strip this country of all that she is and all the promise she holds for the purpose of making it a sort of ‘utopia’ that will never exist. America, as she is, IS the utopia. If you don’t believe that, ask someone who immigrated here and found all that they were looking for. This is my America

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DIVEST: 150+ Multinational CEOs – Saks, Macys, Pfizer, United Airlines, Lyft – Demand Biden is Made President Despite Fraud


Apress release from New York, liberal CEOsof the largest multinational corporates has demanded that the rampant election fraud in the United States be ignored and Joe Biden be made President.

The list, published below, represents a list of companies 75 million Trump voters could now divest their business from in retaliation for the corporate attack on free and fair elections.

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China Owns America: The Shameful Auctioning Off of America’s Powerful


china owns america

It’s Becoming Increasingly Evident: China Owns America

A deep sense of malaise seems to have settled over America. Our politicians, from Biden at the top to lowly state-level bureaucrats like Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensberger, are corrupt and sneer at us plebes for pointing to their corruption as evidence that they’re not our betters and that China owns America and its politicians. The media lies to us. The tech companies censor us and stop the free flow of information. Our businesses aren’t what they used to be and our “culture,” if it can even be called that anymore, is an amalgamation of poorly made reruns and vulgar songs.

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The Suddenly Real Threat of a Higher Corporate Income Tax Rate

International Liberty

After November’s election, I figured we would have gridlock. Biden would propose some statist ideas, but they would be blocked by Republicans in the Senate.

All things considered, not a bad outcome.

But Democrats won the run-off elections yesterday for both Georgia Senate seats, which means they now have total control of Washington.

And that means, as I recently warned, a much bigger threat that Biden’s proposed tax increases may get enacted.

That won’t be good news for America’s economy or American competitiveness.

Today, let’s focus on the biggest tax increase that the President Elect is proposing.

In an article for National Review, Joseph Sullivan writes about the adverse impact of Biden’s increase in the corporate tax rate.

Biden’s corporate-tax proposal is remarkable. …If the U.S. adopted Biden’s proposed federal tax rate, its overall corporate-tax rate would not be “in line” with the rest of the…

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Exposing the corruption

Cry and Howl

Okay, so now that the Socialists/Marxists and anti-America freaks are basically in control of the Congress and ‘dementia’ Joe could be ‘sworn’ into the White House I suppose we can move on with exposing just how deep the insidious and satanic corruption of these sick people really go. I have to go back a bit with the following video to establish the “conspiracy theory” of Pizza-gate as most likely a fact to begin to scratch the surface of the evil in our midst. If you don’t have time to watch the video in one sitting, watch it 10-15 minutes at a time. But watch it. This is just the beginning of what will expose utter corruption going to the top … the top of people in the government, law-enforcement and judicial system world-wide. Folks, this is some sick stuff. Rest assured evil is with us …

Enter the Pizza Gate…

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ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together



Today, Jan. 5th 2021; the 2 Senate runoff elections are being held in Georgia, as most of you well know. While I write this post, there are already voters complaining of irregularities at the polls. Scanners are broken down, and ballots placed in “other” boxes to be counted later! ? RIGHT………. For as long as this election has been anticipated and discussed (particularly voter fraud and what the results mean for control of the Senate)…….crap should not be happening like this again. But apparently it is. Actually “I” would have been surprised if it were done legally or on the up and up. It just isn’t in our nature for anything to be fairly done anymore.

They are so arrogantly corrupt, they have no fear of doing illegal/corrupt acts in our plain sight…

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