I call bullshit on Kamala Harris. This cow is embarrassing.

I call bullshit on Kamala Harris.
This cow is embarrassing. twitter.com/cspan/status/1…

Move Over Benedict Arnold

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Traitor-Pence Threatens Government Tyranny against Trump Patriots


John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© January 6, 2021

The pro-Communists in America’s once upon a time Two-Party System support the coup of election criminality then have the audacity to threaten Trump Patriots DAMN tired of corrupt government – including the Judiciary – to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Think of that … BLM and Antifa Communists beat up Trump supporters, commit vandalism, loot from businesses AND face near zero legal consequences! Dem-Marxist commit election treason and no Courts listen and State governments DO NOTHING!

Pence is a TRAITOR! Move over Benedict Arnold. By all indications of who holds the reins of power, Pence succeeds in betraying the Founders’ Republic where Benedict Arnold failed.  … UNLESS … WE THE PEOPLE refuse to bow down even in the face of the legal power of tyranny and corrupt bullets that…

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There is plenty of good footage showing the Patriots were shocked that others went into the capitol, and they were staying outside, they are heard saying things like, “Oh my God, a bunch are trying to break in the Capitol!” “It’s getting dangerous, we’re leaving.” I’m not going in. No one was storming to get INSIDE but the ANTIFA thugs who stormed over the fences who had assistance from the start to avoid check points and just go right on into the event. Then had assistance to get inside!



The last and only breech on the Capitol was over 200 years ago (1814) during…

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Redux Deluxe: As GOP Took Lead In GA Senate Race, DEM County Stops Counting Votes For The Night

The Mad Jewess

How do Democrats win elections? By theft. They did the same, exact thing on the night of the election…….IN GEORGIA. Nothing will happen because this is the new system, now.
You can thank the feckless Republicans for giving away our republic to Communists. That kid, Nick Fuentes is right: Destroy the GOP. Why not? They’ve aided and abetted Communism.

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Dems Stole The Nov Election. Start Dealing With Idiot Children Running The Show

The Mad Jewess

Dems Stole The Nov Election. Start Dealing With Idiot Children Running The Show

My Answer: Christ one day is coming back to bring judgment

The Communist Democrats stole the election and it looks like the Pinko GOP wants it that way. The GOP has shown their supporters they don’t give a damn. I don’t see anyone starting a war because the cost is too high: Brother against brother…Or I should say Brother against ‘sister boy’ (tranny’s and militant queers.) Even over 40% of the Communist Democrat party believes the Democrats stole the election. Presidential election theft occurred during Nixon’s win in 1960, also:That Richard Nixon was cheated out of the presidency in 1960 has become almost an accepted fact.At the SLATE. &Dems, 1948: Remember When LBJ STOLE The Election? Dems Suddenly “Found” A Ballot Box & US Official ADMITTED The Crime

We corporately deserve this mess because the truth is: The saner American’s allowed the Democrat, circus, freak-show…

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#ItalyGate – Obama Is The 1 Who Set Up The Nov Election Fraud. I Told Ya So:

The Mad Jewess

Obama Is The 1 Who Set Up The Nov. Election Fraud. I Told Ya So:

I do 100% believe that Obama AND Holder were the ‘organizers’ of the 2020 Election steal. I wrote months ago that B.O. was involved in all of the swing states to fraud the voters in those said states. I had found this website that belongs to Obama and Holder called: “All On The Line”

And, now: Barack Obama is in the ‘center’ of an investigation involving Italy & the 2020 voter fraud election scandal.Click: Italygate and Click: Obama Did It? (Click and listen to the audio:On Vocaroo.)

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