Exodus from Islam: December Testimonies of Ex-Muslims (Video)

Exodus from Islam: December Testimonies of Ex-Muslims

Jan 3, 2021


Let’s start the new year off right by reading some comments from ex-Muslims! These are testimonies from December 2020.

YouTube Rewind 2020: Jihad Edition (Video)

YouTube Rewind 2020: Jihad Edition

Jan 2, 2021


Here’s a quick review of the Islamic terrorist attacks that were carried out in 2020. The ideology that drives these attacks is currently being shielded from criticism by the Trust and Safety Teams of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
For the list of terrorist attacks in this video, click here: https://thereligionofpeace.com/attack…
To visit Jihad Watch, click here: https://www.jihadwatch.org/
To order Robert Spencer’s “The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS,” click here: https://amzn.to/3n4Ly8B



Both the Patriots and President Trump have been framed by a devious, premeditated coup to thwart justice and push their own version of tyrannical law in the capitol building. This plan was to send in ANTIFA, BLM and other swamp thugs to disrupt a planned, orderly event of a show of support for the Constitution, Bill of Rights and A FAIR AND JUST VOTE without VOTER FRAUD. It was the time to speak up now or forever give up the right to fair elections and the Constitution of the United States which equals our liberty and freedom as a people.

Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Building, Forcing Lockdown

This has resulted in the biggest attempt to overthrow the presidency in the history of the nation. President Trump who has long been censored by techies farmed out to international fact checkers was taken off social media all together by the globalist’s trained techie lap dogs. They presently (or so…

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When I first heard the prophecy of Amanda Grace on the “The Fall Of The Golden Calves” I didn’t finish listening to it. Instead, I actually drifted off from it and instead of finish listening to the end, I left the video to search for other information. Last night before bed I had an urge to listen to it again, for something soothing in light of a day of chaos. I listened to its entirety and it hit the target.

This morning upon awakening, the first thing I thought of was the Golden Calves and Moses. It hit me that I needed to write of this today. Then, I thought this was Amanda’s vision and I must let people hear it for themselves for it is definately now coming to pass. I believe she got the vision to write it on Sunday night and struggled with it for over four…

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Something is taking place and it is not what the media and those inside the capitol want you to know. Something on a world scale and huge. On January 20, 2017 President Trump made a historic speech at his inauguration. In that speech he addressed the issues America was facing and laid out his promise step by step that he and his administration held the commitment to forge and succeed at achieving. Please listen again closely at the words. Or read them here: President Donald Trump’s full inaugural address remarks.https://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/full-text-donald-trump-inauguration-speech-transcript-233907

After four years of fulfilling his promises to the American people in spite of being undermined, sabatoged, and all the attempts to remove him from office by the globalist cabal known as the swamp, President Trump managed to fulfill those promises and do even more on a world scale making history by moving the US Embassy in Israel from…

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HYPOCRITE Dems Only Love Their Own Riots

The Mad Jewess

HYPOCRITE Dems Only Love Their Own Riots

I came across a longer comment and thought it should be heard. I have to go to the gym but I thought ya’all would appreciate this comment:

Conservative Not Republican11 hours ago:

So for months on end, when the communist left was rioting in cities all across this nation, did a mayor or governor of any liberal city or state resign or be removed from office? Unless I just missed it, the answer, of course, is no.

During these riots, people were killed. Businesses were destroyed. Monuments were torn down. Portions of cities were occupied for weeks or months, and in many instances, law enforcement was not allowed to do its job.

But now suddenly, when the communist left gets a taste of their own medicine…even if just for a few hours…they are immediately demanding that Trump must be removed…

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My Posting Days Are Going To Be Limited

The Mad Jewess

The Mad Jewess Posting Days Are Going To Be Limited

I have to limit myself now. My family & friends will need me in the upcoming days because some of them are naive about this madness and don’t listen. I understand very well of what happens under Communist regimes. I understand what happens before and I understand what happens in the end: Death, death and more death. You cannot vote your way out of Communism and nobody is coming to tell the Democrats to ‘tear down this wall’. (Like Reagan did with Gorbachev)

Right now, the rest of the coup is starting taking place and will continue: Schumer Calls for Trump to be “Immediately Removed From Office” by Impeachment or 25th Amendment.Communists need a bloody war to justify their upcoming genocide. It’s just what Communists do.They need blood. Like Vampires.

The present coup started in full gear…

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The Moose Man Of The Capital Short-Lived Revolution

The Mad Jewess

As I told ya all, I have to limit my posts.. I just feel that I have to ‘watch it’ because I am a totally emotional creature.. My business was totally wiped out by the covid. I am finally getting some gigs again but limiting posts will also reduce my Blood pressure issueswhich get heightenedby these current events.


I have to confess that when I was watching the scene take place at the Capital, I was cracking up at the silly ass “Shaman” Moose feller. Aside from people losing their lives, the whole thing cracked me up. Because I just dont really care what happens to ONE of those rep’s. I think theyre all a bunch of sell out traitors, GOP, Dem, makes no difference. They should not be submitting checks to anyone at all but when they do, they give our people $600. and the rest…

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