Road To Tribulation 1 – The Tribulation Described


I. This website has taken on a new name, which is “Eternity.” The purpose of the change is to identify a greater scope of subjects that will tell of God’s plan for His written Word which extends from eternity to eternity.

II. This opening article will explain the scriptural definition and purposes of the Tribulation. Also, those whom will, and will not, find their place in the Tribulation will be identified, with the reason for both destinies being shown.

III. Consider the following Tribulation data.

A. The Jewish Prophet, Jeremiah, and his prophecy are discussed in the following comment from the Scofield Reference notes:

1. Book Introduction – Jeremiah

a. Jeremiah began his ministry in the 13th year of Josiah, about 60 years after Isaiah’s death. Zephaniah and Habakkuk were contemporaries of his earlier ministry. Daniel of his later. After the death of Josiah, the kingdom of Judah hastened to…

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