Project Veritas Has Verified That a PBS Attorney Recommended That All Trumps Children Should Be Sent to Reeducation Camps

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

January 13th, 2021

To make matters worse he said anyone who voted from President Trump should be sent to reeducation camps as well.

Who know what Biden has in store for us, he’s not that sharp but those he has selected for his cabinet are as wild as rabid dogs.

How long will it be for peace loving Americans to continue to subject themselves to this form of harassment.

A message could be send by send a note to several of those who are well know, saying something like, get your affairs in order, you have three days.

Then wham, I sniper comes from no where and the attrition begins.

Dialing that up a notch, what’s that? Nancy Pelosi has just fallen to a gunman’s bullet.

The last known picture taken of Pelosi in repose.

Couldn’t anyone in her party show some common decency and put quarters…

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