Why Islam Is Definitely Wrong (Video)

Why Islam Is Definitely Wrong

Jan 15, 2021

Apostate Prophet

The religion of Allah is very fragile when it comes to some basic theology, and every Muslim has some simple questions that remain unanswered. Let us expose them and show how weak Islam is.

The Violent, Racist Content Twitter Won’t Ban (Video)

The Violent, Racist Content Twitter Won’t Ban

Jan 14, 2021


Amazon recently banned Parler, because Parler hosted violent and racist content. What happens when we examine Twitter and search for similar content? Let’s find out.

Measuring Mohammed, My New Book (Video)

Measuring Mohammed, My New Book

Jan 14, 2021

Political Islam

https://www.politicalislam.com/produc… My approach to learning about Islam is to use fact-based reasoning and not opinions of “experts.” The only experts we need to consider are Mohammed and Allah. So I use the three doctrinal texts of Islam, the Koran, the words of Allah, the Hadith or Traditions of Mohammed, and the Sira, his biography, to examine the doctrine that refers to non-Muslims or Kafirs. This is the basis of the method I used to write my books. After I wrote my books on the doctrine of Political Islam, I sent out weekly newsletters about how this doctrine shaped and caused Muslims’ speech and actions. This is an important learning step, because you can never fully understand Political Islam until you see how it works in the world. I do not mock or condemn Muslims or Islam. However, I am an on-going critic of the apologists who speak and do not know or want to know. Measuring Mohammed is an eye-opening and insightful look into the inner-workings of Islamic doctrine as it pertains to those of us who aren’t Muslim believers. This book addresses a problem that confronts many nations today, a 1,400 year old problem that is not going away anytime soon. Read it and you will understand the nature of the problem and how we can solve it. https://www.politicalislam.com/produc…

Muslim Imam Beaten to Death for Converting to Christianity (Video)

Islam, the “Religion of Peace” that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi want more of in the USA.

Muslim Imam Beaten to Death for Converting to Christianity

Jan 12, 2021


On November 30th, 2020, a Muslim imam in Uganda converted to Christianity. A week later, he was beaten to death by a mob. For the International Christian Concern article quoted in this video (“Christian Convert in Uganda Killed”), click here: https://www.persecution.org/2021/01/1…

Impeachment 2.0

The Lone Cactus

So, Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives, rife with the thought of impeaching a president have voted once again to impeach Donald Trump. Does it mean anything?


It absolutely doesn’t, because what is interesting is, Pelosi’s attempt to embarrass a president far beyond his own embarassement. Pelosi’s only real motive that I can see at this point is that she doesn’t want Trump running against against Biden in 2024. That’s primarily because I think she understands fully that Biden is not the answer outstepping some, and if Trump is allowed to run in 2024, will crush Biden seeing his economic and foreign policies are a major negative to a major Democrat election regardless if he running in four years, or if someone like Kamala Harris is.

It’s pretty simple. If you were going to be elected president, this is not the situation you’d want to accept as the first incidents…

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How The Mighty Have Fallen

The Lone Cactus

I know a lot of people that did as I did after the November 3rd election and basically called it quits on Fox News. Oh, my wife still likes watching The Five, and she likes Dana Perino. But other than that, nah. I tweeted Bret Baier a fond farewell over their reporting which I considered very biased and not in Fox News tradition at all. I even called for the firing of their “Decision Desk” on air guy, Chris Stierwalt. His comments election night were not only blatantly left-wing, they were wrong.

Apparently, I wasn’t alone.

Here are the ratings from this past Friday, you would figure a huge news day since it was just 48 hours after the Capitol takeover:

MSNBC MADDOW 5,152,000
CNN COOPER 4,855,000
CNN CUOMO 4,320,000
CNN BURNETT 4,221,000
CNN LEMON 3,891,000
CNN TAPPER 3,803,000
MSNBC HAYES 3,740,000
MSNBC REID 3,369,000

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America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates


French President Emmanuel Macron Receives Bill Gates At Elysee Palace

Bill Gates, the fourth richest person in the world and a self-described nerd who is known for his early programming skills rather than his love of the outdoors, has been quietly snatching up 242,000 acres of farmland across the U.S. — enough to make him the top private farmland owner in America.

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Who Should Pay When Government Fails?

International Liberty

Early last decade, a former Prime Minister of Iceland was brought before a special tribunal to determine whether he was legally responsible for his nation’s 2008 economic downturn.

As you might imagine, I had mixed emotions about that story.

On one hand, I don’t like politicians and I viscerally like the idea of holding them accountable for bad outcomes.

On the other hand, I believe in the rule of law and it’s absurd to bring charges against someone when no law has actually been broken. Moreover, tossing politicians in jail because we don’t like their policies is the kind of thing you might find is some backwater banana republic.

And, to add some humor to this analysis, it would contribute to prison overcrowding if we did things such as jailing Bush for TARP, Obama for the failed stimulus, and Trump for his bungled protectionism.

But it’s time…

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Citizen Tom

Well, it seems that there may have been at least one Black Lives Matters activist inciting a riot at the storming of the Capitol Building on January 6th. The Daily Caller, DCNF INVESTIGATES: Was Antifa Responsible For The Capitol Riot? | The Daily Caller, has not found much evidence of Antifa. That does not mean that Antifa did not have a role. It just means we lack proof, which suggests an insignificant role.

Unfortunately, because it is obvious that most of the investigative resources are the hands of Liberal Democrats, Conservatives have little faith in whatever the news media and even whatever the FBI turns up. It seems all too likely that if Antifa and BLW activists have the sense to keep quiet that any role they had in the riot at the Capitol Building will be ignored.

Who is John Sullivan? He is someone who did not…

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