Stolen completely from President Trump’s Playbook President-Elect Biden Tells Us What His Administration Has In Mind For Us

Jim Campbell's

Comment By Jim Campbell

January 14th, 2021

Biden’s delusions will cost us another 1.9 trillion Dollars.

By us, I mean middle class tax payers

Oh Oh, Biden was completely lost.

As he bloviates after going at big business and making sure everyone pays “His fair share,” he cannot be trusted.

How could he sound and act like the foolish idiot that he is, if he wasn’t on medication or the words were being spoken directly into his ear.

Move the the bar below to the 9 minute mark to hear Biden.

I Repeat:

When Biden talks about every on paying their fair share and going after big business he brushes aside that we for the most part will be paying additionally for our “Unfair Share.

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