Jack Dorsey Announces His BIG PLANS for You! (Video)

Jack Dorsey Announces His BIG PLANS for You!

Jan 15, 2021
Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, and Amazon have all been following the same playbook. Interestingly, it’s the same playbook that’s been used by tyrants for thousands of years. For the Project Veritas video cited (“Twitter Insider Secretly Records CEO Jack Dorsey Detailing Agenda For Further Political Censorship”)

Can The Country “Unite”?

The Lone Cactus

After the House of Representatives, for the second time in about a year impeached Donald Trump, it does beg the question, “Is this the ‘uniting’ of the country that Joe Biden was talking about?” Other than kicking an wounded dog while he’s down and dying, I cannot fathom what in hell is running through the addled mind of Nancy Pelosi. Unless she is so concerned that Trump may be actually deciding to run for office again in 2024, and wants to put a total end to that theory, there is absolutely no use for the House to engage in such a thing, unless it’s pure politics. And of course it is.

But still, to answer the question, is there anything that impeachment can do to actually unite the country? My answer would be no. All it will do is the 36% of people out there that are still Trump supporters…

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Biden Demands Americans Wear Face Mask as Sign of Patriotism



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Coronavirus and the Failure of Big Government, Part V

International Liberty

I wrote a four-part series last year about coronavirus and big government (here, here, here, and here), so it goes without saying that the first two lines of this tweet deserve some sort of accuracy award for hitting the nail on the head.

But the sentiment expressed in the last line of the tweet also deserves some sort of award.

I don’t know if the award should be for false hope or naive expectation, but I am sadly confident that everything will stay the same. Or perhaps get even worse.

Simply stated, instead of the deregulation that’s needed, here are some more likely outcomes.

  • The World Health Organization will get rewarded with a bigger budget and more power, notwithstanding its failures.
  • The Centers for Disease Control will get rewarded with a bigger budget and more power, notwithstanding its failures.
  • The Food and Drug…

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Dershowitz Says What Pelosi Just Did to Trump is Actually Illegal

Dershowitz Says What Pelosi Just Did to Trump is Actually Illegal waynedupree.com/2021/01/dersho
Dershowitz Says What Pelosi Just Did to Trump is Actually Illegal – WayneDupree.com
Famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz has been slicing and dicing this second impeachment against Trump masterfully. He’s highlighted in many ways just how outlandish the entire argument is against the…


Mike Adams Discusses a Counter-Coup

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk

© January 15, 2021

I just listened to a Mike Adams podcast on the Youtube Channel Conservative Voice. I wish I could have found this on another video platform for if even a fraction of what Adams shares is true, I suspect future Youtube censorship. The podcast may be on another video platform, but probably has a different title because I couldn’t locate it. HOWEVER, upon further thought, it is my sense Youtube’s Conservative Voice, took the Adams HRR Situation Report for 1/14/21 (Situation Update, Jan 14th, 2021 – The FEMA + Military coup to SAVE America, not destroy it) on Brighteon and split that roughly 90-minutes into segments.

Adams discusses people and all events in which the scenario is Donald Trump remains President at some point in 2021. My perspective is what is shared is under the category of wishful/hopeful thinking. In…

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Many keep thinking nothing is taking place in Italy, Netherlands, Germany, the Vatican, Estonia, on our borders or anywhere in the world…and many still believe the USA problems are merely a virus and an election that “We The People” can’t accept because they believe voter fraud was involved. Many also don’t believe child and human trafficking scandals exist. To these people I say…behold and hang on for you are in for one heck of a ride and the roller coaster has just started to climb…the ride down will be wild!

Dutch Prime Minister Mark #Rutte announced the #resignation of his government on Friday, accepting responsibility for years of mismanagement of childcare subsidies, which wrongfully drove thousands of families to financial ruin.

Vatican Arrests.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands in The Hague on Friday.Credit…Bart Maat/EPA, via Shutterstock

Government in Netherlands Resigns After Benefit Scandal

A parliamentary report concluded…

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I’m sure there is a story behind this and not what it appears to be. Perhaps it is just that the ragged old flag has seen its’ better days? Perhaps its just one of those that belong in the garbage? Perhaps it will get burned in the trash? Whatever the story is…I suspect it will wave again. Maybe not that one…and maybe it was just exposed to the virus? THE REAL VIRUS IS NOT COVID….they are releasing a load of documents today that will explain the real virus. I’m waiting to see all of that. I’ve had enough of watching the crap show. Anyone else?

No description available.

Dear Lord, in these trying days please give your remnant comfort, patience, courage, strength, wisdom, and reknew their faith. May we all keep our eyes focused on you for evil is at every turn. Let us not look at what man can do, but let…

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This word has been given to me to say to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. I am not a prophet, but I have been blessed to have the Lord guide me through the Holy Spirit and it was laid on my heart to share this to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

President Trump has given up his life, his privacy, his fortune, and his brand in order to stand as a gap between a wall of evil and WE GOD’S PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD. Not just in the United States but throughout the entire world. For it will be done without argument nor debate.

We have all watched the media, the congress, senate, and even members of his own cabinet bear false witness against him and drag his name through the mire, the crap, the streets, and proclaim falsehood…

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JANUARY 15, 2021

Judiciary Committee Releases Transcripts of Interviews Conducted During Oversight of Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

WASHINGTON –The Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), today released transcripts of interviews conducted during its inquiry into the origins and aftermath of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation.

graham headshot

It’s too bad Senator Lyndsey Graham sat on all of this and did not reveal ANY OF THE FINDINGS PRIOR TO THE ELECTIONS. I doubt no one would have ever seen these if President Trump had not ordered them to be released. Senator Graham now comes out and acts like he has done the hard task of going over the documents and determined them to be as he states, “…one of the most incomptetent and corrupt investigations in the history of the FBI and DOJ,” is another one of his yellow belly ways of trying to act like he is on…

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