Rush to judgment on Trump? Multiple leftists arrested for Capitol riot

Allah's Willing Executioners

By Monica Showalter

When the Capitol riots happened on Jan. 6, the blame ofPresident Trump was all over.

Supposedly, he was the instigator.Supposedly, he’d egged the rioters on.The tape of his urging his supporters to stay strong and fight was Exhibit A in the press, and with no skepticism whatsoever, House speaker Nancy Pelosi declared Trump guilty and rushed a crazily hasty second impeachment just days before Trump’s exit.She declared that it was all about holding Trump “accountable,” and she added that her explicit aim at the uselessly late date was toprevent himfrom ever running from public office again.

Never mind what the voters might want.In more ways than one, in Pelosi’s addledmind, their votes don’t count.

The press also rushed to judgment — even the Wall Street Journal’s editorialwriters, claiming thatTrump’s political capital and credibility was now gone and he’d never run for president again.

But as news of the…

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