The Real Nature Of Islam

The Real Nature Of Islam


By London Member and Islamic Scholar Mary Andrew.

A PDF version of this article can be downloaded at the end of the text.

A while ago, on a BBC daytime TV discussion programme, Professor Richard Dawkins
extracted from an imam the admission that the correct punishment under Islam for apostasy is death – which is all you need to know to understand that Islam is a fascistic political ideology, not a matter of voluntary faith, and the enemy of human rights. The imam, uncomfortable about letting slip an inconvenient truth about Islam – and its refutation of the foundational human rights to freedom of speech and belief – disingenuously said that he didn’t know why Dawkins cared, since the penalty couldn’t be applied in a non-Islamic country like ] Britain. But of course he did know why we care about the death penalty for apostasy, and that for blasphemy, enforced by terrorism and fear in Europe – and about the thousands of other Islamic atrocities across the world, which continue year on year. We care because we care about all the suffering caused by human rights abuses. And because of a realistic fear among many of us that we too could be forced into submission to Islam.

Both jihad and Islamic laws sanctioning human rights abuses are enshrined in the Shariah, the Islamic code of government, law and social order, rooted in Islamic doctrine. Politicians and press interrogate the ideological roots of the rare instances of far-right terrorism, as they did after the appalling murder of 50 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand. But there is an almost surreal determination to avoid the same scrutiny of Islam after Islamic atrocities – and a disproportionate focus on reassuring Muslim communities after any attack perpetrated by Muslims. The official reaction calls Islamic terror “senseless”, averts attention from its Islamic features, and denies it has anything to do with “true” Islam. It’s based on misinterpretation, the “perversion of a great faith”. It’s attributed, if not to mental illness, then to “radicalism”, “extremism”, “Islamism” – the last of which used to just mean the practice of the doctrine ofIslam, but is now redefined as an aberration separate from Islam.

You can’t do this and be honest about Islamic doctrine, and its exposition in the Shariah. So, from fear and political calculation, no one asks whether Shariah itself is “a perversion of a great faith” – or rather the authentic expression of theocratic evil. Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most egregious abusers of human rights, suppresses all opposition to its government and Shariah, regularly conducts public beheadings (37, and a crucifixion, in one day last year), and commits many other human rights abuses (including the horrifying treatment of migrant workers during the Covid crisis). But almost all of this is ignored, for political and economic reasons, and Saudi Arabia was accepted onto the UN Human Rights Committee, with the shameful support of our government – despite that country’s refusal to adhere to the UN’s own Universal Declaration of Human Rights, logically the minimum requirement for membership. For Britain read more

PDF file The Real Nature Of Islam

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