Listen to nevertrump Frank poll done on Monday. 78% of Americans believe the election was stolen.

Holy Shit.

Listen to nevertrump Frank poll done on Monday. 78% of Americans believe the election was stolen.

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Well, the United States of America has just inaugurated, and out into office, the FIRST man in our history who was NOT elected by the people. Over 70% of Americans believe the election was rigged and 30% of those are Democrats. That means Joe isn’t YOUR president OR mine.

Making America California Again!

The Lone Cactus

Oh, it’s no joke. Joe Biden is getting set to take the Oath of Office at noon eastern time today. And he’s already decided that to make America right the ship that a lot of folks didn’t think was listing, at least until COVID-19 reared it’s ugly head, he would Make America California Again!

That’s right!

Joe Biden is going to lean on California’s policies to show America how great we can be. Of course, if you look at California today, you’re going to look awfully hard to actually find something “great”. Starting with one of the top issues of the day, COVID-19. California has been experiencing one of the worst outbreaks of Coronavirus in the country recently. They have pretty much screwed up the vaccine rollout. And, they are getting ready to not only recall Governor Gavin Newsome, but also to hang him by the Hollywood sign.

I would…

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Ranking Presidents: Trump’s Mixed Economic Record

International Liberty

Since both political parties have sent good and bad people to the White House, I don’t think it makes much sense to compare all Democratic presidents vs all Republican presidents.

But we can learn a lot by looking at the track record of specific presidents. I’ve done that with several past chief executives (Wilson, Hoover, FDR, Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama), and today we’re going to assess Trump’s performance.

The bottom line, as you can see from the chart, is that he did really well in some areas and really poorly in other areas, so his overall record was flat. Or perhaps slightly negative.

The bottom line is that Trump was good on taxes and bad on spending and trade.

And there were some very positive moves on regulation, but they were partly…

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The Destabilizing Mix of Demography and Entitlements, Part I

International Liberty

I’ve written many times about demographic change and the implications for public policy – both in the United States and around the world.

Simply stated, it will be increasingly difficult to maintain tax-and-transfer entitlement programs in societies where people are having fewer children and people are living longer.

I’m raising this issue because I spoke on this topic earlier today at an e-symposium organized by Trends Research in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Here’s a slide with my main message.

Why is it bad news from an economic perspective?

As I noted in the next slide, tax-and-transfer entitlement programs for the elderly (most notably Social Security and Medicare in the United States) become harder to finance when there are lots of beneficiaries and too few taxpayers to support them.

So what’s going to happen in various nations when the irresistible force of more beneficiaries meets the immovable object of fewer taxpayers?

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Awww heck let’s just go for four at once.

These assholes say we are the problem and Trump incites violence.

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Awww heck let’s just go for four at once.



Citizen Tom

Donald Trump takes the oath of office as the 45th President of the United States. (from Inauguration of Donald Trump – Wikipedia)

I considered linking to the speech below using the White House YouTube channel, but I decided that would be soon be pulled down. As it is, YouTube just had include a notice telling us Joe Biden is president. Never seen anything this petty coming from multiple major corporations in all my years. We don’t live all that long, I suppose.

Are you a software guy ambitious to fill a public need? I and lots of other people would be happy to use something other than YouTube.

For those who prefer to read, here is the text, Read the full text of President Trump’s farewell address (

Here is a farewell from a lovely lady.

Here is what Trump had to say at Joint Base Andrews.

We will all carry memories…

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Citizen Tom

Check out Parler Status Updates. is shut down, but they are struggling to get back online.

What happened? Well, that depends to some extent upon our point-of-view.

Apple, Google and Amazon have conspired to shut down the conservative social media platform Parler after millions of pro-life conservatives moved to the social media network following the decision by Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants to ban President Donald trump and censor conservatives.

As censorship has increased, pro-life and conservative Americans have moved to other social media networks like Parler and LifeNews has gained almost 70,000 followers looking for alternatives to Twitter so they can get the latest pro-life news and information free from censorship. (continued)

Apple, Google and Amazon Shut Down Parler After Pro-Life Conservatives Flock There |

If your focus is pro-life, then you probably see the Big Tech shutdown as a proabortion plot.

If you…

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arlin report thought(s) of the day: the infamous mask, why they really want us to wear it

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Just sit down, shut up and do as you are told. It controls speech better than it does germs and disease.

You don’t like wearing it, so you avoid it as much as you can by staying home.

When you are out, you avoid speaking best you can and nobody can understand most of what you say when you do. You sound like a muzzled dog!

This is a restriction…………you did not ask for.

If it really worked……..we’d be out of this health crisis.

Before long we will all be dressed the same, in uniform. You think that is crazy? Look at China, they own us today. They’re making new clothing for us now. LOL, they’ll have us purchasing our new suites from Hobby Lobby, where everything is CHINA. If all goes well they won’t by tomorrow or at least by Thursday.

Today they shut us up, when do they…

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de-program me first; unity by deprogramming ……..lmao

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Technology – Page 6 – BLDGBLOG

The morons on the Left are calling for Trump supporters (those that belong to the Trump Cult per Katie Couric) to be DEPROGRAMMED!

Please, oh please let me be the first! You’ll turn me into something else I am sure, as we know you are so successful in all you do!

Deprogramming? You are showing your colors already. Deprogramming, a socialist favorite activity. Not very successfully either!

Those calling for deprogramming need to be institutionalized! But we know you can’t fix stupid!

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Dr. Gina Will Discuss Her Private Talk With Trump On 1-19-2021!


Dr. Gina RAV @RealAmVoice stated on January 18. 2021 at 7:17 PM, “Just hung up the phone with the President. I’ll talk about it a little more on my show tomorrow night. This country will wake up to realize a devastating loss on Wednesday. He is the best thing that ever happened to this country!”

Does anyone have a clue what she may be getting ready to talk about? I do!

Gina Loudon, MA., MA., Ph.D. is the President of Programming and Senior Anchor atReal America’s Voice (RAV-TV).

Dr. Gina was selected as a Woman of Influence in Media by the Miami Israeli Consulate, and traveled to Israel studying business, economics, social policy, and faith issues.

She was selected by Lara Trump as national co-chair ofWomen for Trump, serves on the Trump 2020 Media Advisory board, as well as co-chair of Florida Trump Victory. She currently serves…

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