In new precedent, French court allows Bangladeshi migrant to remain in France as ‘climate refugee’

The Bullshit never stops.

Allah's Willing Executioners

The Court of Appeal of the French city of Bordeaux last month granted “sick foreigner” status to a Bangladeshi man suffering from a respiratory illness, taking into account air pollution from his country of origin, thereby potentially having created legal precedent for a new category of refugees, French portal InfoMigrantswrites.

After having lived in France for nearly a decade, Sheel, a Bangladeshi man suffering from a difficult respiratory disease, obtained his first residence permit for a sick foreigner in 2015. The unremarkable forty-something migrant living in Toulouse, in the Haute-Garonne, and suffers a severe form of asthma requiring heavy treatment as well as a strong sleep apnea forcing him to sleep under respiratory assistance every night.

Despite his fragile state of health, he was refused a renewal of his residence permit in June 2019 the and risked deportation. The French prefecture involved in his case stated that the…

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