Dispatches From Occupied America. Day One

Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead


“There should be no illusion; the Marxists are taking power in America seriously and for a long time. Indeed, communist leaders from Lenin to Brezhnev are sardonically grinning from hell and watching in disbelief as what was impossible for the Soviet Union to accomplish with all its military might and nuclear arsenal is being accomplished by the American people themselves through a dubious electoral process.” — Alex Markovsky

One of the more disconcerting images from this day, a date that should rightly be draped not in Old Glory, but in a dark and dreary funeral garland, is that of vacuous liberals weeping tears of joy at the saccharine platitudes of the country’s newly installed rulers, the geriatric doofus Joe Biden and his promiscuous communistic gal-pal from California, a pair of miscreant pols less inspiring than genital warts to all but the sophomoric denizens of the lobotomized Left (and probably harder…

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