Unite America First: I have never seen a bill introduced by Congress that is scarier than HR – 1

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Democrat Bill Would Make One-Party Rule by Having Federal Government Take Over State Elections
In all the years I have been in politics no bill has shaken me to my core like this Bill Hr – 1 that the Democrats are trying to pass. Please read and share this article. The Democrats want to make this country a one-party government.
HR-1 would legalize some of the very practices that are currently illegal in most states, things that created all kinds of irregularities in the 2020 election. Practices like ballot harvesting, changing election laws without going through state legislatures, allowing voters to print their own ballots from home (gee, what could go wrong here?), mail-in voting without the excuse ofCOVID-19, early voting, and all the other gourmet types of voting that only a Democrat thief could think of. Click below and continuing reading.Read all the details here!Please…

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