Ritual slaughter of zoo animals in Austrian and German zoos committed by migrants – the local Green parties are sympathetic: “The poor migrants are just hungry !”

Allah's Willing Executioners

It was only ten days later that the Viennese ritual slaughter massacre became public . Thanks to investigative journalism. Not without reason, of course: Vienna has been part of the Welcome City project since 2015 (thanks to the Socialist-Green Welcome Policy). At the centre of critique: the socialist “City Councillor for Environment and Democracy” (formerly “City Councillor for Integration and Education”), Jürgen Czernohorsky (birth name: Wutzlhofer).

This is because: “Full transparency” is provided by bobo politicians “for every rescued kitten”… “There was no broadcast (however) of the petting zoo massacre by the animal protection city councillor”. There was also “nothing released” by the Vienna police: “We don’t have to justify which cases are published and which are not”. (Police spokeswoman Gass) – A strange understanding of democracy on the part of the municipal executive…

The remaining animals in Vienna Zoo are now protected by security officers. – Of course, this…

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