Tulsi And The Pirates

Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead


“Every soldier knows this simple fact: If you don’t know your enemy, you will not be able to defeat him.’ — Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard is an army veteran and former Congresswoman possessed of entirely too much comeliness and common sense to succeed in the modern Democrat Party, a party which for all intents and purposes is the enemy. Tulsi is a leftist, of course–otherwise she’d be a Republican–but she is also that rarest of breeds among contemporary Jackasses, a leftist with honor. This is a sin for which the Democrat brain trust, such as it is, have excommunicated her.

Tulsi Gabbard went from dream recruit to establishment nightmare

Tulsi 2

In 2012, Nancy Pelosi described Tulsi Gabbard as an “emerging star.” In 2019, Hillary Clinton decried the Hawaii congresswoman as a “Russian asset.” Suffice to say, the honeymoon is over…

Gabbard is a major target of the liberal elite’s disgust. She…

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