BLM & Antifa March in DC, Threaten to ‘Burn Down’ Washington + Videos: + Piles of Bricks Mysteriously Appear in Washington, D.C. Ahead of Protests + Leftist Insurrection In U.S. Capitol! Media Silent! By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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IFever one required a stark, outrageously arrogant, and in-your-face illustration/demonstration of the fascist left’s hypocrisy, well, look no further. Indeed, it is through their continuous, targeted deployment of double standards via the below that their masks are fully ripped off — once again, domestic terrorism was in plain view this weekend in D.C., never mind the unabated terrorism for months on end without any sign of slowing down!

YES, you knowthatvery same barbed-wire, fenced-in, fortress-like Capitol city which is akin to Baghdad’s green-zone, supposedly, due to “insurrectionists” ala right-wing so-called terrorists on Feb. 6! Alas,Neo-Nazi Ukrainians, and Forefathers of Antifa, Instigated and Participated in the Capitol Hill Riot Alongside Antifa! BLM, too.

SOmuch so,aMAJOR ALERT From Tyrant Dictator Biden Has Instructed FBI, DHS, CIA And Most Of The Alphabet Boys To Come After “Patriots”

NO kidding!


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Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE (Video)

Please click link or screenshot for video

Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE

Covid Pandemic Plandemic 2-8-2021 002 (Video)

Covid Pandemic Plandemic 2-8-2021 002

Covid-19? A Leftist, Government, Media, big Pharma Plandemic or a true Pandemic?

@MrAndyNgo “Burn it down,” they chant.

Where is the outrage from the biden administration, the left, the MSM?
“Burn it down,” they chant. BLM-Antifa are marching through Washington, DC. #antifa



While the people rallied for Trump in 2015 as he stepped off the escalator, the 5 Eyes were hissing like snakes.

Fake news came forth in lockstep to drown out any truth told by the man in the tower who came out to state he was running for office to make America Great Again…which was a statement that stuck with all who heard it and struck a nerve to all who were against it. Thus enter in the 5 eyes and how the Cabal called out their media wolves and dragons. WarNuse did a perfect outline of how it was done in October, 2020 in a series of articles that layered the entire plans. Once again, truth was overshadowed by shouts of Media hype on Biden Harris and the upcoming election, where of course,” orange man bad” was the thrust. Remember, Hillary was supposed to win. But, she didn’t. The…

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John F. Kennedy Jr. was the Founding Editor of George Magazine which was an over night success! The content was both celebrity and politically charged inside stories that today, many of those have an alluring sense of coincidence, and/or it now appears, well thought out plans with almost psychic abilities surging through them. It is as though the entire publishing process was performed for a day off into the future. Especially his special 1997 edition that contained the “Survival Guide of the Future.”

Many may already know everything I am about to show you, but, as I have been hearing recent comments, many have no clue as to why those who suspect something mysterious about JFK Jr. just may be correct. Time will tell, if nothing else, he knew!

Aside from an array of covers that fit a category of people that we now either know or suspect as being…

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The Hidden Pavilion

The Mad Jewess

Hidden Pavilion, TMJ/AsheDina, 2020

I digitized this one at Christmas time. Dark days are upon us. Are you hidden in the pavilion of God? If not, get in it. Read your bible. Ask God for his presence. His help is available. Our once great country is descending lower and lower into depravity. It is sad and horrible to witness. Gateway Pundit was suspended off Twitter. An array of Conservative people have been thrown off Twitter. 1. PAMELA GELLER HAS BEEN PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM TWITTER./ 2. Twitter Indefinitely Suspends Gateway Pundit Account / 3. Big Tech Purge Contines: Twitter Suspends Conservative Radio Host Wayne Root.

I was suspended years ago.

Our voices will soon be completely silenced and this is very depressing to witness. I ask God to hide you in his pavilion in these times.

God bless.

For He concealeth me in His pavilion in the day…

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Rowan’s way: 10 Fracture


As soon as I got back to my study I phoned the hotline. It was manned all hours of the day and night, though I had feared that Sunday after ten might be a test too far – but they did not let me down.

“Clewer Trust, how can we help?”

I explained who I was and why I was calling. By sheer good fortune, the woman at the other end remembered meeting me a few years previously at the launch of the Trust, which helped. She was pleased with my advice to Irina and suggested that they should send someone round to talk with her in the morning, though, given the time and where we were, it was more likely to be in the afternoon. She confirmed with me that Irina was safe and that I was in no danger. I was relieved.

The Clewer Trust was an organisation…

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In Case You Have Wondered About Whom You’re Dealing Check out the page below and then you will be absolutely certain

Jim Campbell's

No Punches pulled

Where else can a reader go to find:

Along with my twisted sense of humor?

We are talking more music than all the music in your children, grandchildren’s tablets and phones. ( See tab, it’s only Rock N Roll but I Like It.

Nothing on this site is intended to be hurtful to anyone, it’s just me screwing around taking shots at all comers who are trying to turn America into a socialist. Marxist State.

That means any references made by me the owner of this site to killing people which in most cases it would make America a far better place, are in jest.

All one need do is click on the tab above, It’s Only Rock and Roll but I like it.

I make it a point to include long since forgotten historical facts by many baby boomers and accurate facts for the younger generation.

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